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Information About the U.S. Amateur Championship


As the Governing Body of Amateur Pool, the APA is honored to conduct this prestigious National Championship for the sport of pocket billiards.


The U.S. Amateur Championship is open to everyone, whether or not they are an APA member. We have seen many participants enter the tournament since its inaugural year in 1994. We look forward to continuing interest in the sport and are very impressed with the quality of play, enthusiasm for the game, and the sportsmanship of all involved.


The American Poolplayers Association is very proud to be conducting the 14th Annual U.S. Amateur Championship. This event has become the most prestigious amateur billiards tournament in the history of the game.


Those who enter the billiards arena for this event will be exposed to the highest level of amateur billiards play in the United States. Therefore, the U.S. Amateur is only intended for the finest amateur players in the nation. The competition will be relentless and every match won will be well deserved. If you are the "best" in your area, step forward, represent your city and state, and see how high on the tournament board you can go!


Good luck,

Terry Bell & Larry Hubbart
APA Directors


The Competition is Relentless...